Dear Friends of Saint Antony Monastery-USA

Thank you so much for your continuous support to our Monastery of Saint Antony – USA.

You will be able to donate by Credit card or Bank Account.
You have to put your information to record your donation on our system.
You will receive a receipt from and at the bottom of the receipt is the Monastery information with the Email:
For any Question, please do not hesitate to contact the Monastery on: 760-900-5665
God bless you, accept your donation and reward you both on earth and in heaven a thousand fold.


If Anyone want to setup AUTOMATIC DONATION on the,

you need to donate one time, and just send us an email to let us know,

and we will set it up for you the way you want.


The security code is NOT a key sensitive,

just write the letters without selecting upper case.

Donate Here